Cricket: Tonga suspended by ICC

UPDATED 12:00PM SEPT 7 – The International Cricket Council (ICC) has suspended the Tonga Cricket Association (TCA) because it did not make any efforts to obey  the  ICC rules and regulations despite being warned.

The suspension was made effective following a resolution passed by the international body during its annual conference in London in June 25 – 29 this year.

Kieran Mcmillan, the ICC East Asia Pacific Regional Development Manager told Kaniva News today Tonga has been voted out as an Affiliate Member of the ICC.

“This is due to them not meeting the membership criteria, in particular not having an appropriate administration.  In line with ICC regulations, the TCA has 12 months to rectify this situation or they risk having their membership of the ICC being removed,” Micmillan said.

ICC sent letters to TCA early this year reminding them of their responsibility to adhere to the ICC requirements but TCA did not respond.

The president of TCA, Hon Sangster Saulala responded to our email and said he will be available for an interview next week regarding this matter as he is now in China for a meeting.

During the suspension period TCA is given up to June 2014 a chance to fulfil ICC requirements so that its membership could be reviewed.


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