Tupou College teacher charged in relation to Tofoa attack

    LAST UPDATED 11pm 23/07: A Tupou College male teacher 43 has been charged for "aiding criminal damage" after the attack of Tonga College students and an ex-student in a home at Tofoa on Thurstday 18, Police Statement says.

    All 147 Tupou College students taken into custody by Police following the attack were charged with one count of conspiring to commit wilful damage.

    Out of the 147 students detained 75 have been reportedly released on bail after they appeared before the  magistrate court on Monday 22.

    They will reappear on  July 29 at the Nuku'alofa Magistrate Court.

    Tonga College student Taniela Mahe 15 and Taniela Halahuni 21 a Tonga College ex-student are still in hospital as a result of the attack.

    Halahuni is still in critical condition.

    Police did not release further details regarding the Tupou College teacher's charge and arrest.


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