Tupou College students to appear in court on October 7

    LAST UPDATED: 9:00PM – The 147 students from Tupou College who have been detained for attacking a house in Tofoa on Thursday 18 will re-appear before the Nuku'alofa Magistrate court on October 7 – 10 after they appeared today before Magistrate Salesi Mafi.

    Former Tonga College student Taniela Halahuni,22, is in a critical condition in Vailola hospital. Fellow student Taniela Mahe, 15, is in a stable condition.

    A new charge of unlawful assembly has also been laid today against the accused. Police have charged 124 students with wilful damage and trespassing. They have been released on bail last week to appear today Monday 29 before the magistrate court.

    A total of 22 Tupou College students who were still in police custody today released on bail. They faces charges ranging from trespassing and housebreaking to causing grievous bodily harm. One student has been charged with attempted arson. A teacher and two bus drivers have been charged with “aiding criminal damage".


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