Breach of contract claim trial against Tonga Government date set

    UPDATES: A breach of employment contract claim laid by Tonga’s former Attorney General Mr John Cauchi  against the government of Tonga has been set to go to trial on November 19-21 this year.

    Mr Cauchi has taken legal action against the government claiming about TOP$1 Million in special damages and relief for Breach of Contract,  Constructive Dismissal and Repudiation of Contract.

    The first Independent  Attorney General from Australia served the Government of Tonga on May 25, 2009 .

    He resigned in April 2010 citing government obstruction of a decision he made to appoint two independent prosecutors to investigate and prosecute matters relating to the sinking of the MV Ashika that killed 74 passengers.

    Tonga government said at the time they were reluctant to officially consider Cauchi's  appointment of the Australian Prosecutor Dan Howard and New Zealander Prosecutor  Grant Burston because of  the government’s “tight financial constraint”.

    But Cauchi claimed government ministers feared  some of them and former cabinet members involved in the MV Ashika’s purchase and operation  “are likely to be prosecuted”.


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