US Tongans continue to shower ‘Ikale Tahi with donations

    The ‘Ikale Tahi fans and kāinga in US continue to show their great support for the players by donating more money after the team arrived in Los Angeles  from Canada on Monday.

    Tongan communities and members of  the First Methodist Church in Lenox led by Rev Loni Veikoso donated US$7003.00 for the team yesterday.  

    The Tongan communities in San Francisco donated foods, clothing and US$23,000 for the team members before they left for Canada on June 8.

    Many families and individuals presented their donations direct to their family members and friends in the team.

    The Queen Mother of Tonga, Queen Halaevalu Mata’aho kindly  served the team with foods as well.

    The  Tonga National Team won their first PNC match with Japan on May 25 but were defeated by Canada last Sunday, June 8.

    Ikale Tahi team are in Los Angeles to take on US Men’s Eagle on June 14 at Home Depot Center, Carson, California.


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