TRU: Vava‘u Rugby Union wants beleaguered Soape Tu’iono out

Vava’u Rugby Union (VRU)  in Tonga wants Soape Tu’iono, the chairman of the unconstitutional committee set up in opposition to Tonga Rugby Union (TRU) chaired by ‘Epeli Taione, to step aside and dissolve his committee.

Supporters of rugby union from Vava'u are the second largest in number to supporters on the mainland Tongatapu and for their Union to come forward and express their opinion publicly is significant.

‘Isileli Fakatulolo, President of VRU told a local newspaper Soape called meetings that were not in accordance with the TRU constitution and all he has done were only to cause public disorder and chaos among Ikale-Tahi fans.

On April 10 Soape and some (TRU)  members called a board meeting to oust the Chairperson ‘Epeli Taione and CEO ‘Emeline Tuita.

Mr. William Glenwright, IRB General Manager  for Oceania told Soape in an email few days later that “TRU is not validly applying its Constitution” and to “lay-off” a board official  is a matter for the Union to decide in a general meeting but not the board members.

Tonga is currently having two Rugby Union Boards, one is chaired by ‘Epeli Taione and one is chaired by Tu’iono.

Taione told Kaniva News previously his committee is still the only one recognized in Tonga by IRB.


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