Tongans in USA donate $23,000 for Ikale-Tahi

A contribution of more than US$23,000 has been pouring into the Tongan National Rugby Team yesterday and before they will leave tomorrow to play against Canada Rugby Team on June 8.

Mele Hifo Finau for the Ikale-Tahi team congratulated the Kainga on a post on Facebook this morning for their love and offer.

She says the cash donations have already been shared among the team members by Captain Nili Latu, Vice-Captain Taniela Moa and Hale. T. Pole,

“…osi tufa kotoa pe kihe fanau va'inga, take care 'ehe seniors ikale tahi, captain, nili latu, taniela moa (vice) & hale t pole (senior leader)!” she says.

‘Ikale-Tahi team is in the US as part of its PNC 2013 rugby tournament and to play against Canada and US Eagle rugby union teams.


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