Tonga Rugby Union resolves differences

    The two committees, each of which claims rights to  ‘Ikale Tahi rugby team after a hijack of TRU office by some of the board members on April, had on last Friday 21 resolved to make compromises and work on demands from IRB regarding TRU consitution.

    Tonga’s Solicitor General ‘Aminiasi Kefu confirmed to Kaniva News on Monday 24 that the two committees took positive steps to sort out their dispute and a meeting was successfully conducted last week.

    “Things have moved on with TRU. The Board has now resolved their differences. They have amended the TRU Constitution to resolve their problems, and the IRB has supported those amendments,”  Kefu said and confirmed that “There is no longer a dispute as far as I understand”.

    Kaniva News was unable to get hold of President ‘Epeli Taione and CEO ‘Emeline Tuita.

    But Taione posted on Facebook this evening June 25 saying, “The amendments to the constitution required by IRB have been all adopted last Friday. Board members have been reduced in numbers and these are the most important amendments ever as it would prevent TRU from future repeating of problems it encountered in the past,” as Kaniva translated his post in to English.

     “Kuo lava e ngaue koia pea kuo tali kotoa e ngaahi fiema'u liliu ki he Konisitutone mei he IRB 'i he Falaite kuo'osi pea fakatokosi'i e Poate pea koe liliu mahu'inga mo lelei taha eni kuo hoko pea mo malu'i e TRU mei he ngaahi palopalema tatau moe kuohili,” Taione posted on Facebook.

    We could not confirm at this stage what amendments that were made to the constitution and what compromises the two committees agreed to. Kaniva will follow up the story.


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