Persons accused in murder and shooting cases named

The man who was reported to have allegedly murdered a 79 year old man from Ha’avakatolo on May 25 is Tevita ‘Ahoafi (28). The old man is Sione ‘Ahoafi.

The two are closely related.

Police collected materials from the crime scene including a piece of timber which they say it was used for the alleged murder.

The accused appeared before Magistrate Masao Paasi at the Nukunuku Magistrate’s Court on May 30.  His case will be taken to supreme court.

Tevita was reported to have  psychiatric treatment records in the hospital.

In a separate case, the man who was reported to have shot a man in Fo’ui on May 23 was Viliami Taipaleti (33) of Kolovai. He was bailed out on May 30 for his second appearance in court on June 20.

He has been charged with possession of firearms without a license and causing grievous bodily harm.

Taipaleti shot the 48-year-old man on his upper left arm. The victim was discharged from Vaiola Hospital lately.


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