Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga presidential election results announced

    The Free Weslyan Church, the largest Methodist denomination in Tonga today June 26 has  in its 90th conference re-elected  President Rev. Dr ‘Ahio as  president for the years  2013 – 2014 with 326 votes.

    Dr Tevita Koloa’ia Havea became second with 31 votes. The other candidates who ran for the presidency were Rev Dr Mohenoa Puloka and  Rev Meleana Puloka who has  2 votes each.

    Dr Tevita Kolo’ia Havea was re-elected as Secretary General with 328 votes  while Rev Dr Jiotame Havea got  8 votes, Rev Mohenoa Puloka 8 votes and Rev ‘Alifeleti ‘Atiola has 4 votes. Other candidates that stood for secretary position were Rev`d Falematapule Lomu 4 votes, Rev`d Mele`ana Puloka 3 votes,  Rev`d Heneli Taliai Niumeitolu 2 votes,  Rev`d Tevita Haukinima ,Rev`d Sela T Manu , Rev`d T M `Ofahulu has 1 vote respectively.

    According to the history of the church, the President is usually re-elected almost unanimously each year until the person dies  or turns 70, which is the retirement age for church ministers. The General Secretary usually takes over as President when the President retires.


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