12 year old raped by father, uncle and godfather

The rape of 12year old girl by his father, his uncle and godfather at San Pedro Prison in La Baz sparked outrage in the country of Bolivia.

The girl is two months' pregnant and she has told authorities she was repeatedly raped by the trio since she was eight years old,  local media reported.

Digital Reason says the victim is currently under psychological treatment.

“This case was discovered thanks to a multidisciplinary work carried out in prisons as part of reforms in the system,” a Bolivian newspaper reported.

Bolivian television ATB said, “at least 250 children live in the prison of San Pedro with their parents”.

The prison is well-known for  its prison officers getting involved in corruption including alcohol and drugs activities.

The minors share living space with violent criminals — murderers, rapists, gang members and drug dealers, it was reported.


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