Labour has the solution – KiwiBuild

Could you afford $1 million?

by David Shearer, NZ Labour Leader

That’s the average house price Aucklanders will face in 3 years time according to an expert in the NZ Herald today – $1 million.

After almost 5 years of the problem getting worse, National still think that tinkering with consent processes is enough. But it won’t work.

Labour has the solution – KiwiBuild. It’s a bricks and mortar answer that cuts to the heart of the problem.

Yesterday Phil Twyford and I spent the day with experts and some of the biggest players in the industry to discuss the next steps in our KiwiBuild policy. Everyone in the room was there because they want to revitalise the Kiwi dream of home ownership. It was a really successful day with some great ideas being shared.

This is the sort of change a smart, active hands-on Government can make that will benefit people and boost our economy.

That’s what I was talking about in my pre-budget speech earlier this week. NZ Power is another example.

The sale of Mighty River Power will push up power prices as investors demand greater profits. Last year prices went up more than five times faster than inflation. That hurts all New Zealanders and our economy.

Labour’s plan will bring down power bills for all New Zealanders and businesses. It will put money back into the pockets of Kiwis and boost our economy by $450 million and create at least 5000 jobs.

That’s the sort of change we need to make in New Zealand. It’s what the Government should be delivering in next week’s Budget.


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