Tongans crush Samoans winning saga 36-4

    The Mate-Maʻa- Tonga team outscored the Toa Samoa by 7 tries to 1 in Panrithʻs Centrebeat Stadium in a match that saw the International  Rugby League between the two nations now in the rebirth mode.

    Tongan failed to overcome their neighbouring Samoans since 2006.

    Fakakaekae (cheering) was unique at the stadium last night with hundreds of vocal Tongan supporters being credited at the social media networks for helping the team grind out the result.

    Vela Faka-Tonga or Tongan way of expressing how emotional they are where doing the extreme things was normal when they are in the winning mode was news to some journalists.

    Adrian Warren of the Fairfax Media experienced it and he reported that ,

    “Some did get a bit carried away, with a few invading the pitch after Tonga’s sixth try, but dozens ran onto the field after their seventh less than two minutes before the end,”

    Tongaʻs scores were a collective efforts  made by winger Mahe Fonua 2 tries, centre Siuatonga Likiliki 2 tries and five-eighth Samsoni Langi 2 tries and 4 goals.

    Winger Daniel Vidot had the only try for Toa Samoa.


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