Suspect Identified in Methanol Poisoning Case

Indonesian police in the state of West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) have identified a suspect in the death of the 19-year-old Australian tourist Liam Davies, who was allegedly poisoned with methanol-tainted alcoholic drinks in the island of Gili Trawangan.

NTB Police director for general crime directorate, Sr. Comr. Reinhard Silitonga said on Wednesday that the police had obtained the identity of the person allegedly involved in the death of the Australian citizen and would soon declare a suspect in the case. Reinhard was speaking after meeting with the boy’s father, Timothy Davies, 45, in Mataram on Wednesday.

The Chairman of the WA-based Indonesia Institute said today that Indonesian police were making ‘good progress’ in identifying those responsible for the spate of methanol-related deaths in recent years.

“Spirit drinks that contains methanol are quite common”, said Mr. Taylor. “But only recently has methanol found its way into the tourists areas of Lombok and Bali with devastating consequences”.

Mr. Taylor emphasized that tourists need to exercise ‘considerable caution’ when buying spirit-based drinks whilst holidaying in the Bali and nearby islands.

“Indonesia has very high import taxes on imported spirits and wine”, said Mr. Taylor. “So if you can find a large vodka-based drink, at a less-than-reputable bar, at say $2.00, then there is a pretty good chance it is not the ‘real deal’ and may contain a cheap form of alcohol such as methanol.”

Mr. Taylor pointed out that over 850,000 Australians will visit Bali this year and the ‘vast majority’ will have a wonderful holiday and come back home safe.

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