Phone book opt in change a good call

“Today’s news that the White Pages telephone directory will be an opt in system for Auckland is great news for the environment and for people who don’t read, need or want a phone book,” said Green Party ICT spokesperson Gareth Hughes.

Every year about 6.5 million phone books are printed and distributed around New Zealand. Research from Nielsen from 2010 found that only 41 per cent of those aged 15 and over used the White Pages.

“We congratulate Yellow for taking this step and the Government for allowing it,” said Mr Hughes.

“New Zealand is one of the few countries left where it is compulsory to deliver telephone books to households that don’t even want them.

“Moving to a more sensible option for the White Pages is a great start but the same choice should also be extended for the Yellow Pages commercial directory.

“Making phone book delivery optional is a smart decision, especially when you see stacks of unused phone books stranded outside inner city apartments. This decision will bring New Zealand into the 21st century,” said Mr Hughes.


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