Manurewa suburb hit by serious disorder

    AUCKLAND, NZ: About 100 of youths who gate-crashed a birthday party at Russel Road suburb of Manurewa attacked police after they arrived at a brawl that broke out  at around 2:30am this morning.

    Police said they were attacked by a large number of armed youths.

    “Approximately 40 officers, 2 police dogs and the police helicopter eagle were deployed and took about 30 minutes restore order,” according to a statement from Police.

    A large number of arrests were made, and the remainder of the youths eventually dispersed into the surrounding neighbourhood.”

    It appears that the people who organised the party did not expect the number of those to attend to have that many in which police said it was about 200 gate-crashers involved before 100s spilled onto the street fighting each other.

    No injuries reported.

    On March 10 Police attended a major brawl in Taurimu Avenue Point England where they had been attacked by the brawlers when they arrived.



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