Low turnout for protest against Fiji brutality

    Organizers of a demonstration rallied in Wellington yesterday in condemnation of the gruesome torture of two prisoners by Fiji security personnel mustered only 20 people.

    Elisapeci Samanunu, one of the organizers was reported as saying, “Fijians are scared to participate due backlash on their families back in Fiji. Nevertheless, the message was clear: we do not condone torture in Fiji.”

    A vicious beating of a Fijian prisoner, who is now understood to be Iowane Benedito 24, was filmed and recently released on the internet.

    It provoked a worldwide outcry calling on Fiji strongman, Frank Bainimarama to bring those responsible into justice.

    Benedito was one of the 4 prisoners escaped from the Domanu dormitory of Suva prison in November 2012 but Fiji Corrections Service managed to recapture him after a week.

    Another man apprehended and tortured seen in the 9 minutes video clip was said to be the person who harboured Benedito.

    Bainimarama hit back at critics of his security personnel’s action saying his men have “done their duty in looking after the security of” Fiji.

    However in a TVNZ report this week, Ana Tudrau Tamani, spokeswoman for Fiji Prisons and Corrections Service spokeswoman has confirmed that “three prison officers have been sacked in relation to the video”

    Featured image by scoop.co.nz


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