Dengue Fever severely damages Solomon Islands Tourism

It has been warned by the website about the outbreak of dengue fever in Solomon Islands.

Solomon Islands tourism have been attacked severely by the outbreak of dengue fever. The tourism industries are so worried for those who benefit from tourism. Looking at the future of the industry reveals its unstable according to Wilson Maelaua, the tourism promoter.

The rapid increases in numbers of dengue fever patients have terrified the tourists from coming into Solomon Islands. They are scared for their safety and health because dengue fever has claimed two lives.

Solomon Islands will face very tough task ahead of cleaning and trying to sanitize dirty ponds and water suppliers. Solomon’s hygienic standards are still very low and poor. So the fear for mosquito’s dengue fever spreading ability is a very genuine factor.

The mosquito concern brings up the government to start national cleaning campaign. Like the Secretary of Health advice as the best starting treatment is to clean the environment.


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