Community supports local board priorities in Annual Plan feedback

Kaipātiki Local Board is pleased to see the local community backs its priority projects for the next financial year.

The local board has received over 300 submissions from the Kaipātiki area in the draft Annual Plan 2013/2014, compared with 59 during last year’s Long-term Plan process.

The local board received the second highest number of submissions of any local board area.

Two thirds of the submissions received are in support of Kaipātiki Local Board’s project to de-silt Onepoto pond.

“The community has been asking for work to be done to improve the water quality of Onepoto pond for a number of years,” says Kaipātiki Local Board Chairperson Lindsay Waugh.

“Kaipātiki residents have made themselves heard very clearly, and we will be continuing to advocate for the de-silting of Onepoto pond in the rest of the Annual Plan process,” she says.

“Board members are very pleased that our priorities align so closely with what our community needs, and it is great to be getting supportive feedback for our proposals for the next year.


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