Kiribati Independent Newspaper back on Action

The editor and publisher of the Kiribati Independent told Radio Australia that they have resumed duties after unexpected order from the government to close down last year.

Kiribati Independent’s lawyer advised the Editor, Taberannag Koreauaba to start publishing the newspaper due to government fail to act on their allegation.

Since the beginning of last year the Kiribati Independent newspaper was forced by the government to stop publishing.

The Ministry of Communication accused the Editor for breaching the Newspaper Registration Act. The authorities have been asked to further the investigation.    

Mr Koreauaba said, Kiribati Independent’s lawyerwrote to the authorities in May last year to challenge their accusation. He pointed out to them to prosecute the publication if they got reliable evidences for unlawful operated of the Kiribati Independent.

Until now, they have done nothing, according to Mr Koreauaba.

He said he believes their coverage stories create an alert which dislike by the government and they have been targeted because of that.

“I have a feeling that they didn’t want the stories that we published at the time, and that is why they didn’t want us to publish the paper,” he said.

“The staff have felt intimidating when interviewed by the police but we will continue to do our job. We will continue to do what we are supposed to do without listening to the government”.


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