John Key expects tight election in 2014

 The current New Zealand Prime Minister John Key is still leading the government comfortably as it shows from the very recent election poll but shows some indications of uncertainty about the next election.

He predicts the 2014 election race will be very tight due to Labour and Green blogs indicate elements of progress. Support for National is still growing but the next election would be a tough race, he told RadioLive this morning.

“The trend [for National] has been up for TV One and TV3 [polling]… but I think over the course of the next couple of years that Labour-Green bloc will be fairly equivalent to the National bloc and it will be a very very tight race going into the 2014 election.”

Current seats in the House –  Projected number of seats in the House base of the latest poll

National –      59———————————64

Labour –        34———————————41

Green Party – 14——————————–14

NZ-First –       7———————————–

Maori Party – 3———————————–1

Act –              1————————————1

United Future – 1———————————1

Mana –            1———————————–1

Independent – 1——————————–

Total    = 121                                         Total = 125

The election poll done by the 3News and TV ONE News showed that the Labour blog is still behind John Key and National blog and Greens is slightly slipped back Key has somehow got a degree of concern.

Howbeit the result from the previous poll, the Fairfax Media-Ipsos last week’s poll indicated that the National could loss one seat to Labour.

Anyway the insight comments from the Labour blog’s leader David Shearer gives the hints of how uncertainty he is in term of Labour party’s position at present time.


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