A Tongan womens right advocator and pioneering pacific community worker dies.

Lineti Matafingenoa Curran (nee Thompson) passed away late Monday night the 18th February at her St.Lukes home, Mt.Albert,Auckland aged 84.

Lineti was a co-founder of the Pacifica Womens Association set up in the mid 1970s and one of the first Tongan translators in the New Zealand courts.

Born in Nei’afu Vava’u 18th June 1928 to Alfred Fulton Thompson and Kasanita Fonua from Ma’ufanga, Lineti arrived in New Zealand in 1948.

After marrying an Irishman, James Curran and mother of 9 children, Lineti was a JP and helped all nationalities with their immigration papers.Lineti also was well loved and very much appreciated in her advocacy for better women rights by way of peace love and harmony.

Lineti is also the mother of Tonga’s captain of the 1st Mate Ma Tonga National Rugby League team in 1986, Michael Curran.

Due to an expected large number of friends, co pioneers, community and for those who want to pay their respects but perhaps can’t attend Friday’s service the family have organised an “APO” service TONIGHT Thursday 7pm St. Marys Catholic Church, Kitenui Ave, Mt.Albert.

Her funeral service will held this Friday 22nd February 11am St. Marys Catholic Church, Kitenui Ave, Mt.Albert.


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