Solomon Island Villagers Kill 700 Dolphins

By: Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS)

Jan. 22, 2013 – It has emerged that villagers from Fanalei in South Malaita, Solomon Islands have killed about 700 wild dolphins in a dispute of money.

The shocking capture and killing of these dolphins comes after the villagers refused to renew an agreement it has previously made not to carry out any hunts for two years in exchange for money.

That agreement, made with the Earth Island Institute, ended in April 2012, and a spokesperson for the villagers said that the hunts had resumed because they were promised $2.4 million not to hunt the dolphins, but only received $700,000.

Earth Island Institute has responded by stating that the funding has stopped because the villagers have disobeyed and continued to hunt dolphins despite the agreement being in place.


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