Niu niu pulu and moa moa lulu

A Samoan man and a Tonga made friends with each other. When the latter went away on a visit to Tonga the former asked him to bring back one of their large cocoa-nuts which are prized as water bottle. He promised to bring it on condition that the Samoan looked out for him a fine white foul.

The Samoan got ready the fowl, and made a basket in which to put it. The Tongan returned with a large unhusked nut, but on the voyage he split up the husk, took out the nut, and closed all up again. The Samoan had the gift of second sight, knew what the Tongan had done, and so he let loose the white fowl, and put an owl in its place in the basket.

The Tongan on his arrival gave him the large mock nut, minus the real nut and kernel, and the Samoan handed him the basket with the pretended white fowl.

The Tongan jumped into his canoe again, and went off in high glee singing:

“Niu niu, pulu! Niu niu, pulu!”

“Cocoa-nut, cocoa-nut, Only a husk!”

But the wind was taken out of his sail by the laughter and antics of his friend on the beach shouting after him:

“Moa, moa, lulu!” “Fowl, fowl, only an owl!”



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