New Zealanders performed poorly on Aussie test for citizenship

A test result released to The Advertiser by the Australian Department of Immigration indicates New Zealanders became 4th in the 13 countries  from Europe and Asia graded with least knowledge about Australia.

With all the 19 countries above the pass marks the Swedish applicants top the test with 98.1%  and New Zealanders along with the Vietnamese gained 72.6 points.

The applicants must gain 75 points to get a pass.

Multiple choice questions set out in the test to check how good applicants know about Australia contain questions like – What do we remember on Anzac Day?

The answers to choose from include a). The landing of the First Fleet at the Sydney Cove. b). The arrival of the first free settlers from Great Britain and d). The landing of the New Zealand and the Australian Army Corps in Gallipoli, Turkey.

The test is performed online and it was established as part of the  requirement for all applicants who apply for  Australian citizenship to  fulfill.

It is thought that New Zealanders think that they personally already had a good knowledge of their neighboring country and thereby not making any effort to do a test preparation beforehand.

New Zealanders including Pacific people seeking better way of life and livings in Australia and willing to apply for citizenship are now being urged to practice the test for themselves before they apply.

Take the test for yourself: Test

It was estimated that there are 350,000 Pacific people living in New Zealand and 150,000 in  Australia.

When Howard government in 2009 introduced the test it was criticized as being racially motivated.


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