Coca Cola: Not always the one you taste

Coca Cola addicts now can tell that there is parallel imported Coca Cola from Vietnam and it has a bit of a nasty taste in comparison to the one that is normally manufactured in New Zealand.

There is now a call for consumers to be aware of the worse.

Consumer researcher Jessica Wilson told Timaru Herald that it was important for people to check the labels, especially in the case of imported goods.

“It’s critical to read the food labelling; in particular if you are looking for foods that are parallel imports.

“The Ministry of Primary Industries is responsible for labelling and retailers can be prosecuted for breaching the code.

The alarm bell was raised when a man who did not want his name to be mentioned told Herald that he  purchased a bottle of Coca-Cola at the Warehouse.

He was concerned as the labelling says “Exclusively for Sale in Vietnam, Exports are not Authorized”.

Louise Russel told NZ Herald that she didn’t feel well a few hours after drinking the Vietnamese product that she bought from a Warehouse in New Lynn.

“I started getting withdrawal symptoms after drinking it. I got headaches. I was grumpy and frustrated,” she says.

Warehouse general marketing manager Jenni Ryan told Herald that the labelling complied with all New Zealand requirements.



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